UK filter: simple, dark coloured knickers? Not black? Affordable?
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I have a whole drawerful of everyday black knickers, which seem to all be giving up the ghost at once. I'm trying not to wear so much black, so I've been looking for plain, dark-coloured cotton keks to buy in bulk. So far, the choices seem very limited / non-existent. What I think is a not unreasonable list of wants under the fold.

I've checked all my usual go-tos, such as M&S and John Lewis. Most other underwear retailers seem to focus on one-off posh pants, e.g. £15+ for a single pair.

I would like to find relatively inexpensive, decent quality knicker sets that are:
1) bikini or shorts style in a natural fabric (e.g. cotton or bamboo)
2) plain, dark colours (e.g. deep purples, blues, reds, greens, mustards)
3) no patterns, no lacy trim, no bows, no frills, no cut outs, no mesh, no external logos
4) if sold in sets, do not include black, white, grey or beige
5) available for purchase online or offline in the UK, but not via Amazon

I'd be prepared to pay more for an eco-friendly brand. Possibly manage £10 a pair if they were very good quality.

Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Maybe British Boxers currently on offer at four for £22 plus p&p.

British Boxers proudly design all our products in Britain drawing from the great creative heritage for which the UK is famed throughout the world. We manufacture products using mimimal waste in both Great Britain and Europe - at factories where people are not only highly skilled but paid properly too. British Boxers prefer quality over quantity and to rebuild local skills over time. Love your British Boxers and sleep well. We do.

They sell boxer shorts too, as you might have guessed.
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Best answer: Uniqlo?

Link: a range of colours including a dark blue

Link: the purple and green might work for you

None of the colours are super dark but they are all muted rather than bright.
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Best answer: Perhaps Rapanui? They seem to tick all your boxes on price, material, style, ethics, and you can build a multipack of their (limited) dark colours, i.e. navy and cherry red.
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Best answer: Victoria's Secret has them.

Mix and match colors, 5 for£26.68 but blue's the only one that fits your criteria, looks like.
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Best answer: If you wanted a treat, Molke makes, in an ethical fashion, organic cotton jersey briefs.

Their current range includes navy; white; raspberry; black; white stars on a sky blue background with yellow trim; a dinosaur print on a green background with purple trim; a cherry lace print on a black background, and a shooting stars and planets print on a navy background with orange trim.

The catch is that the price is a bit higher than your specified range: £14 for the solid color briefs in a low-rise style, to £16 for a high-waist print brief. Their website does have a sale section where their briefs are priced at £12-£12.80.

Molke briefs can be returned as long as the hygiene sticker is not removed.

The size range for their briefs (they also make bras) is XS (approximate UK dress size 6/8; widest hip measurement 34-37 inches) to 3XL (approximate UK dress size 26/28; widest hip measurement 58-61 inches).
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Best answer: Hanes now ships to the UK and they have some selections in plain, dark colours. Whenever I'm in the States I always make sure I bring back some Hanes' panties. I find them to be comfortable, well-fitting and hard-wearing. Their sizing is numerical, and the size guide quotes both measurements and dress sizing (which is US sizing, so add two sizes for the UK size (e.g. a US 10 is a UK 14).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Some really good options here. Much appreciated.
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