Old TV-movie: boys home from military school
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I'm trying to track down an old TV-movie on someone else's behalf, about two boys home from military school, one of whom shoots and kills a person with no remorse. Any ideas? More details inside!

Here are the details provided by this person's memory:

* He thinks it was a TV movie from the 70s/80s. (I assume probably US, but he didn't say.)

* It had 2 boys who are enrolled in military school, who come home for vacation

* The boys are about 10 years old, and both blond

* One of the boys had a fascination with Batman

* They're in their uniforms for most of the film

* One of them kills someone with a rifle, and has no remorse about it

I've searched several lists of made-for-TV movies and AfterSchool Specials, but have had no luck yet. Any ideas are welcome!
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Not exact match, but reminds me of 'Bless The Beasts and Children'.
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Best answer: Oh, wow, I hadn't thought of Bless the Beasts and Children for decades, but you've reminded me that I read the novel(ization?) back when I saw the movie. Whoah.

Lucky for me, though anticlimactically, the person asking the question suddenly remembered in one fell swoop: it was a 1971 TV-movie called "A Little Game": https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067349/

So glad his memory suddenly connected, because I had no luck with it at all. But I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone else would like the itch scratched.
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