Best public high schools for dyslexic students in the Boston area
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What high schools in the Boston area are best for supporting dyslexic learners?

I've been doing some research, but I'd love to know more about personal experiences and available resources. We'll be moving to the area soon, and I'm bringing with me a dyslexic rising sophomore. He's good at math and science (when he does the homework...) but not great at reading or writing. He has an IEP. What high schools in the area are best for supporting dyslexic learners?
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I interned with a special education program within Brookline Public Schools and was really impressed with the quality of care and tailoring to students’ needs. They seemed to work hard to ensure students had access to as much as possible (e.g., classes outside of my program, sports, etc.) while also having the right supports and accommodations. My student population was primarily receiving accommodations for mental health and medical issues, so I don’t want to overstate my qualifications to comment on your kid’s best option, but I’d definitely say check out that district’s offerings.
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If you do talk to the school district in Brookline, I would recommend asking about this reporting from late last year, which focuses on COVID response. In it there is also some reference to declining teacher satisfaction and student performance overall within the district.
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Best answer: (My spouse works in this field, and I was going to wait to get them to tell me what they thought before responding, but then I saw the first couple posts and had to jump in. Friends of ours have a child in the Brookline Public Schools with dyslexia, and it's an absolutely shitshow trying to get them even basic services. I would avoid them like the plague.)
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