Where can I get a JR Rail Map Poster for Tokyo?
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Saw a cropped poster on Etsy of the JR Tokyo map and I'm looking for a full size version. Anyone know where I can purchase or print one?

Saw this poster on Etsy for a JR Rail map (it's the train line, not the subway as titled, but whatever). However, I don't like the way it's cropped and it got me looking for a full size poster. I can find a number of subway maps in full (for example), but not a JR map, and any JR maps that pop up in google are PDFs for tourists and telecommuters, not decorative posters.

Anyone know where I can buy a full poster or get one in high enough quality that I could print it myself?
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That cropped map seems to be literally just a cropped version of the official JR East map (other maps here), and that would certainly look great printed at any size. Well, it'd be illegible printed small.
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I take it back about it being identical - some of the colored notes like "The Uneno-Tōkyō Line (Utsunomiya/Takasaki Line) does not stop at Nippori Station" are styled slightly differently - but I bet that's just because it's like last year's map or something, and JR changed their styling a little.
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Best answer: Dammit, now you've made me want one too.

If you can print it big enough, the official PDF that aubilenon linked to looks like your best bet. Otherwise, I've found some probably blind alleys:

This map on Amazon (JP) is probably not suitable for your purposes, since it looks to come folded, but I'm sharing it anyway because it delights me that it "allows you to enjoy delusionary trips".

This set looks more promising, and it's in the "Wall Maps" category; but I can't tell how big it is, and it doesn't ship to the UK so may also not ship to wherever you are.

I wondered whether the Railway Museum in Saitama might have an online shop selling posters, but if it does, I can't identify it... but maybe someone else will have better luck?

Finally, this is an amusing near-miss: someone has taken a photo of the JR fares map you find above the ticket machines, complete with the top of someone's head, and is selling it as a poster. I'm half-tempted.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys. I did find the JR East map (https://www.jrailpass.com/pdf/maps/JRP_tokyo_metropolitan_map.pdf), but I don't know much about printing, so I'm not sure how big I could make this before the image starts to break down, nor do I know if I can legally print my own poster. I assume since they are giving it away, it wouldn't be as big a deal. Didn't think to check Amazon JP, but I'll keep looking. I did contact the Etsy artist and he said he would do a custom print, so we'll see how that goes.
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