Looking for an online horror story: a giant image you drag to see/read
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I lost a beautiful website and I'm trying to find it again! In a media studies class in college, one of the discussions was about a website of illustrated stories. Each story was a single image many times larger than the computer screen size. The way you 'read' the story was to drag the screen to uncover more and more of the image. If you've ever seen anything like this (XKCD's "click and drag" comic works this way), please post the link, especially if it sounds like the horror stories site I'm describing. Thank you!

I don't remember the plots of the stories that well, but...
- I remember a wooden cabin with blood on the walls and floor and maybe a wolf in one of them
- I think one of them was about someone digging a very deep hole in the basement of their house
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Best answer: I don't recall a comic by Emily Caroll that's an exact match, but she does play around with images that are longer / wider than a typical screen, and stories like "His Face All Red" or "Margot's Room" could maybe be thematic matches?
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this can’t be right since it’s text-based, but it made me think of “my father’s long, long legs” — or rather, dig it up from deep in my memory. yes there is digging
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Ditto Wobbuffet: the cabin + blood + wolf = "Margot's Room."

Hole in the basement isn't quite "His Face All Red," but there's definitely a very deep hole involved.
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