TV scene: cult members in white robes on roof's edge?
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On the latest episode of The Rookie (don't judge me), there's a scene with cult members in white robes standing on the edge of a roof (awaiting their ascension, as they do). But it reminded me very strongly of a very similar scene in another show which I cannot remember and it's very annoying. Does it ring any bells with you?

The exact same description applies to my memory of the other scene.
It would have been a show or movie seen on US broadcast TV or cable or Prime Video within the past decade, I guess.
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The first David Tennant episode of Doctor Who, “The Christmas Invasion,” has ⅓ of the global population being mind-controlled into standing on the edges of rooftops. Some wearing bathrobes, but not in a cultish way.
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I haven't seen The Rookie, but that sounds like some scenes from City of Angels (movie) where Nic Cage and other angels all stand on rooftops, on the beach, everywhere.
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Doctor who: the Christmas invasion (2005) has mind controlled folks standing at the edge on building roofs about to jump, just all lined up.

The movie old school has the pledges all lined up at the edge of a roof, with rocks tied to them that they are meant to drop as a trust exercise that the rope is long enough.
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There was a scene in The Leftovers that also showed this, as an historical allegory / vignette.
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Fringe also had a scene similar to the one in Doctor Who, where one of the Cortexiphan test subjects is having a mental breakdown and uncontrollably psychically projecting his feelings of despair everywhere, causing nearby people to line up on the roof with him to jump.
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Logan's run has a similar scene
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Yes, the Leftovers had an extended bit of cult members in white standing on their roofs all night in anticipation of ascending. It’s a telling of a real historical event, “The Great Disappointment.” Watch it here:
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The otherwise forgettable Nic Cage/Meg Ryan movie City of Angels had a little bit of this visually, although not cult members per se. Here and here, for example.
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Best answer: That footage of the cultists on the rooftop is from a previous episode of The Rookie, Season 2 Episode 6 "Fallout." I wasn't sure from your post whether you were aware of that.

Much of that episode took place in the bunker under the courthouse, in a fallout shelter filled with a judge, some staffers, Wesley, Nolan, and some prisoners (what could go wrong?) after they received on their phones a (false) nuclear missile alert, like Hawaii did that one time--briefly alluded to in the current episode.

However, in that episode, the other mains were not in shelters, and Lopez and West were on a rooftop dealing with those cultists, described here in this recap by Kristine Frances:

There were also others like Lopez and West who were dealing with a cult. The cult called themselves the Children of the Stars. They had planned on killing themselves to greet the celestial being coming to meet them and so the officers were able to talk them out of it. They said the celestial beings will find them no matter what. They didn’t have to kill themselves and thankfully they didn’t have to.

You saw it on this same show back in November 2019; that's my guess.
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^ That’s totally it. I was wondering all afternoon!

I checked both episodes on hulu and imdb and the same actress plays the same character in both. Nov 2019 really does feel like it was years ago!
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Response by poster: Thanks Sunburnt. Apparently everything I watch goes in one eye and out the other.

Thanks to everyone else for your guesses.
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Continuity turns up when you least expect it on this show!
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To complete the loop on this thread, I was watching The Rookie tonight, saw the original scene, and thought “didn’t someone ask about a scene like this on AskMetafilter?”
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