Recent news item about an alternative to Amazon?
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I seem to remember, about a month ago, a news item about someone setting up an alternative to Amazon... like an independent ecommerce site that offered many different products, but without touching the Amazon ecosystem at all. Anyone remember this piece?
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Olive plans to allow consumers to purchase from hundreds of apparel brands and receive a single weekly delivery. (As some who purchases, on average, much less than one piece of clothing a week, it doesn't appeal to me, but I appreciate the concept.)
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Was it about Shopify? (not a superstore like Amazon but a platform for letting sellers create their own stores, but it seems to be positioned as an Amazon alternative for sellers)
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Not Amazon? CBC story, because 🇨🇦
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I was thinking Walmart+, which is Walmart's answer to Amazon Prime.
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Cancel Prime maybe? Or if not, they may link to the site you are thinking of. Here's a link directly to their list of alternatives.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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