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An automated system builds our software at least daily. We like to give these builds fun names from a list. What's are some fun categories with lots of things in it that we could use to generate names? Past ones include: tomato varieties, pokemon, paint colors. Ideally a list would be readily available and would contain at least 100 things (500 is even better).

I'd prefer to avoid lists of people, movies, bands or other pop culture references.
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beetles come to mind, 'inordinate fondness' and all. maybe trees/plants.

aside: how is pokemon not a pop culture reference?
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Mineral names.
Bird common names.
Mountains, generally.
Towns in Massachusetts.
Towns in the UK.
Zoo animals.
Pasta shapes.

Can you tell my job also involves making up a lot of aliases?
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Best answer: Similar to tomato varieties, I'd suggest heirloom apple cultivars, of which there are several thousand. They tend to either be interestingly descriptive or delightfully boastful.
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Best answer: Also
Ice cream flavors
Kinds of pie
Sea life
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Countries of the world for major builds, cities within those countries for patches.
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The word 'Jack' has a lot of definitions in a good dictionary, and there are lots of people by that name in history and fiction.
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Dr. Seuss book titles or silly words
Names of imaginary places
Names of castles (real ones)
Weird town names (What Cheer in Iowa should get you started)

For many of the other suggestions you've received, you can use the same list but do so in a different language
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Star Trek ships.
Hitch-hiker's Guide character names.
-ologies: Epistemology. Ontology. Phenomenology.Eschatology.
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Response by poster: Sorry, "pop culture" was bad word choice. More like I don't want the lists to be focused on people, movies, TV shows, or songs.

Though I could be convinced otherwise... It might be fun to break down "it's the end of the world as we know it" into each individual item mentioned. 😁
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National parks (US centric)
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Rose cultivars (and probably lots of other flower cultivars as well).
If it were at all practical I'd suggest having GPT-3 generate names for you.
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I like mumkins' apple cultivars. Maybe save a local one for the version you're finally going to ship, and you can eat them :)

154 Shakespeare sonnets? ("isn't this the 'shall I compare thee' branch?" "no, you've been out, remember? We're on 'unperfect actor' already."

maybe too judeochristian, but first lines of psalms could work the same way. I'm not psalmy enough to know how distinct they all are; there might be collisions in the "hey I like YHWH" space.

You could pick an arbitrary set of cities ordered by the shortest traveling-salesperson route insists that there are 107 valid 2-letter scrabble words. says there are well over 100 moons in the solar system, but I can't tell if they all have nice names.

Olympic events (50ish disciplines, but "400m relay" is different from "100yd dash", right?)

You'd have to remove some human names, but there are a zillion theorems worthy of mentioning on a wiki page

haha----seeing your note about "it's the end of the world as we know it", I think many high-school history classes assign one-line-per-student of Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire"; that's a good source of nouns :)
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Stars. List of proper names of stars.
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Best answer: In addition to apple and tomato cultivars, there's also potato cultivars.

Kind of surprised that no one has suggested dog breeds yet. There's so many plus you'll have an excuse for looking up excellent dog pics to use as build mascots.
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Bavarian castles.
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One fun source for this might be Janelle Shane's AI Weirdness blog, which applies machine learning algorithms to categories like paint colors, Japanese-style mascots, kitten names (cf. Mefi's own Sparky Buttons! Possibly that is not the original kitten but let's be realistic here, it 100% is) and so forth. Funny in general but maybe useful for its list of categories of things with names.

Somewhere here there's also a question about naming conference rooms at an office, and depending on how edgy you want to get, that might be worth perusing as well for naming conventions.

Finally, consider parks of Northeast Ohio. Consider this resolved!
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Bone and muscle names?
Horses that won one of the horse races of the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes)
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to increase the available number of names you could also do adjective+noun pairs. Ubuntu does this with alliterative pairs for their release names.
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Best answer: This corpora repository is just a bunch of Lists of Things, including hundreds of rivers, over a thousand minor planets, nearly 2000 kinds of cheese and yogurt, and many more.
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Towns along Route 66 in travel order. Similar: The Silk Road, Magellan's travels, Orient Express...
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Stars (in the sky)
Gems (ruby, diamond, etc.)
Monarchs (people, but historical, not pop culture)
Oscar-nominated movies
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Popular and scientific names of mushrooms are memorable, pretty vivid, and have at least some degree of familiarity for most people ('destroying angel' and 'fairy ring', for examples). Plus they're short-lived and do have a tendency to pop up overnight.
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Best answer: Names of fabrics - if you combine historical and new ones you get a lot of nouns. Buckram, scuba, maline, tarlatan...
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I give you: names of sentient ships from Ian Banks’ Culture novels.
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Fruit-fly gene names!
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Yeah, you don't want beetles. This is software. What you need is the true bugs.
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