Help me figure out replacement couch cushions
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My couch is ten-ish years old and starting to show its age. I know one can purchase replacement seat cushion inserts. I have not been able to find reputable sites with non-spammy reviews of said replacement cushions. Have you done this? What company did you use? Would you recommend them or not?

Please don't tell me about how easy this is to do myself. Trust me, I know exactly what is involved, I am trying to exchange money for effort here.
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Best answer: Assuming you've already contacted your local upholsterers, do you have any local places which sell upholstery supplies? They may do this sort of work too. A hardware store near me sells the supplies, but also provides replace-cushion-filling service for relatively cheap. That's them actually swapping the filler, not just selling the foam insert and batting.
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There's a place near me that just sells foam (mainly for upholstery, but also for shipping cases and whatnot). I went in with my cushions and they cut everything to fit (I think it ended up being around $200 for three cushions). I would bet that there's a place near you like that — the upholsterers need to get their foam from somewhere.
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Best answer: A few years ago, we replaced our outdoor sofa cushions using this place and were very happy with the final results. Their customer service was also excellent.
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Seconding @AzraelBrown. We paid a local upholsterer to restuff our living room seating. Sofa has 2 cushions, this came to $400. Another $180 for two chairs. This is all for the bottom cushion only, not the back cushions which are fine. We took the cushions into the upholsterer, they had options we could sit on to try out firmness, and they restuffed our zippered casings. $580 is a lot of money but it has made a huge difference and we are very happy we did it.
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I recently ordered replacement cushion inserts from the furniture company that I purchased the couch from originally. Is that an option for you?
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I would find a local upholsterer and support a local business. I used one last summer for the cushions in my RV, and it was all good.
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