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Is there an open-source ecommerce store system that has built-in support for purchase orders?

You see, I was all set to just use ZenCart, when the client informed me that the first 3 interested customers he has all want to pay with a PO.

Personally, I'd rather just tell the potential customers to go find a credit card, as writing/testing/debugging/shipping/maintaining a bolted-on PO system seems like a lot of effort. Then there's the additional 'back-office' administration of dealing with the purchase orders, collections, etc. Seems like a hassle that could grow unwieldy.

So, is there a LAMP-compatible e-commerce system that supports customers paying with a purchase order instead of a credit card?
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osCommerce has a purchase order contribution.
posted by Robert Angelo at 2:56 PM on March 28, 2006

I think osCommerce has a P.O. plugin. There are other purchase order things you can do with it, as well. I've never used osCommerce so don't take this as an endorsement....
posted by arco at 2:57 PM on March 28, 2006

What he said.
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Assuming the PO plugin works well, I can endorse OSCommerce in general. I host a very high traffic OSCommerce site for my brother's business, and he seems very happy with it.
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Response by poster: It seems like I read on MeFi that all the 'cool kids' poo-poohed OSCommerce in favor of ZenCart.

posted by Wild_Eep at 4:01 PM on March 28, 2006

Wild_Eep, basically because if you ever need to do any customisation yourself and you've add a few contributions you're in a world of pain. It uses global variables throughout making it very difficult to track execution through the pages.

Not that I'm one of the cool kids however...
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