Can't delete junk mail in Thunderbird
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I have been getting spam email for the past couple of weeks, and have never opened it, just deleted it. Today it comes with a new feature, so when I delete it, a half second later it reappears in my inbox, and never shows in my trash.

If I drag it to my recycle bin it piles up copies there, but still has one in my inbox. Right clicking and marking as junk doesn't work either. It is easy to identify as junk, because it puts apostrophes where they are not normally used, presumably to bypass the spam filters. So words like "c'ryptocurrency, O'ffer is w'aiting" appear. How can I n'uke these to H'ell?
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Response by poster: I just noticed that I posted the same problem a couple of years ago, and the solution was to delete these via webmail. I think that will work, so mods can delete this post if you wish.
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Response by poster: Yes, deleting via webmail works, but interesting that these emails are placed in my spam there, rather than my inbox. SOLVED
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If you Shift-Delete them, does that get rid of them permanently? (It should, but I haven't tried since this week's update.)
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It's possible something has gone screwy with your imap/pop configuration or how the mail server is functioning.

It's acting like you only have read permissions on the mailbox, and can't write your changes (deletes) back to the server.

Check your account settings on the webview, and your thunderbird mail account settings.
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