Need breakfast recipes that use lots of lemons.
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For reasons, I'm making breakfast for a dozen people over the next week and I am obligated to use as many lemons as possible. Please give me your best breakfast dishes that require lemons: the more, the better.
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I don’t have a specific recipe in mind but there are lots of recipes when I searched for lemon curd french toast
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Lemon blueberry scones
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Make lemon curd beforehand. Apply to everything.
Make lemon loaf. I made this one recently and it was good.
The Joy of Cooking has a good lemon pancake recipe.
Make candied lemon peel ahead of time. Then make candied fruit loaf. (although this doesn't use nearly enough lemon really)
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Eggs benedict and hollandaise sauce.
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Lemonade. Why not?

Lemon slices for adding to water, hot tea, iced tea, decorating the plates and serving dishes.

Lemon & ginger syrup for pancakes, for adding to tea, for adding to hot water, or plus a splash of whiskey for hot toddies. Simmer sliced ginger for a long time, strain, add half sugar, simmer, cool, add lemon juice to taste.
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I'm making my way through a jar of lemon jam I just made that is basically distilled sunshine.

I washed a bunch of thin skinned lemons. I sliced them up and cut out the pith at the center. I covered them with sugar and mushed it all up so the sugar was all melted from the juice (they were juicy lemons.) I cooked it all until it was thickened... 40 minutes maybe? then strained it into a jar. Threw away the peels etc.

Result is a thick gold colored syrup that is sweet and acid and bitter and fragrant. Would be awesome as accompaniment to Greek yogurt, buttered toast, bran muffins, French toast...
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Blueberry lemon poundcake is sublime, it's tough to use a lot of lemons, sorbet would be good. Here are some creative ways I used up a lot of lemons when I had this "problem" (pound cake recipe is in there)
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Lemon curd everything.

Salmon and lox, capers, arugula.

.. breakfast food is the best food.
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Lemon ricotta pancakes.
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French 75’s.
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Crepes with lemon juice and sugar?
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Lemon curd on lemon ricotta pancakes and also on lemon-blueberry poundcake, with a side of strawberries stuffed with (or just set next to a bowl of) lemon mascarpone.

Eggs on a bed of lemony spinach topped with hollandaise.

A platter of cold seafood (oysters, shrimp, crab) scattered generously with lemon wedges, served with lemon butter.
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Lemon marmalade.
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Good old-fashioned "lemon bars", or maybe lemon loaf bread? Lemon donut?

I know it's not breakfast, but there's always "Chinese" Lemon Chicken (basically Orange chicken, but with Lemon)
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Lemon Poppyseed Bread
(I drop the sugar by a couple tablespoons and double the poppyseeds)
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Lemon poppyseed muffins with lemon curd to put on them would be overkill in a good way.
Hollandaise is so, so good, on eggs benedict, toast, scrambled eggs, asparagus/ other veg., or with a spoon.
Lemon Zinger tea with lemon and honey?
Lemon chicken or fish is really tasty. Thin filets of chicken or fish, dip in beaten egg, then in flour, saute in hot butter (olive oil) till golden, add lemon juice and the coating will soak it up.
Lemon meringue pie isn't as difficult as it looks, is very good and conspicuously lemon-y.
Many lemon-y things have a more pronounced lemon taste if you add some grated peel; the oil makes a big difference.

When you have time, preserved lemon and/or homemade limoncello. I have not made either, you'd think Pandemic would have been perfect. Maybe I will.
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Citrus-pickled red onions are a good garnish and foil for any rich food — including a breakfast with something rich like eggs or lox. Lime is most traditional but lemon is good too. Slice into very thin half-moons, add a little salt, cover in juice from your lemons, leave in the fridge overnight. It'll keep for a week or two if you don't get through all of it right away.
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This show opens with a recipe for kedgeree that has a whole lemon, juice and rind, for two portions (I think). Not normally a fan of kedgeree, but this looks delicious.
Generally, I use lemons all the time for all sorts of dishes. So my first impulse when I saw the ask was to think what doesn't need lemon?
Mostly, I prefer savory breakfasts, but if you want sweets, maybe Italian Cream Filled Tarts could be a thing? (terrible site, good recipe).
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