Best summer spot for possible snowbirding
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Looking for the most south point for a temperate summer.

Grandkids moved to Florida and I’m dreaming of the snowbird life. In a perfect world, I would spend winters in St. Petersburg and find somewhere north for a temperate summer. I’ve often wondered just how far north from St. Petersburg I would have to travel to find bearable weather in July and August. I’m assuming it’s in the mountains, but I really don’t know. I’m coming from the hellish summers of Memphis, TN, so it wouldn’t really take much for me to be more comfortable. What would you advise?
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Best answer: St. Petersburg is in the temperate zone. Check out the maps at the Wikipedia page for Köppen Climate classification, that will tell you where the important boundaries are for finding cooler summers.
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Best answer: Asheville, NC is a (longish) day's drive from St. Pete and has a lot to offer. Summers are less harsh than you'll have been experiencing in Memphis.
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Best answer: As soon as you cross the NC border on I-26 you're into hills and cool weather. Asheville is glorious but even in Columbus, NC the high is 85 in July against a high of 95 here in Columbia, SC.
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Best answer: Lots of people have already figured out the Asheville-Florida commute. Boone is a little further out and higher up. Everything's hot, so you've got to be on a mountain, or near a cold body of water. Personally, I like coastal Michigan in the summer.

But consider staying put! I've survived several Florida summers, and you just have to change your pace and adapt, live in your bathing suit. An ocean breeze helps, the warm Gulf breeze maybe less so. You should spend a summer down there and see for yourself.
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