Need a new cigarette now that Nat Sherman is gone
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Now that Nat Sherman has ceased operations, I want to find a cigarette to replace it. Shermans were great in that they went out if ignored, and I wanted only a few of them every week. Has anyone else found a good substitute?
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Probably not what you want but hand rolled cigarettes will go out if you just leave them there. They’re pretty short but maybe there are longer rolling papers.
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Sobranie Black Russians compare pretty favorably to the Nat Sherman MCDs, in my opinion.
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Not really a Nat Sherman smoker, but as far as the "going out if ignored" part goes, I think most currently made smokes do this to some degree - fire safe cigs (the paper is treated) have been around for about 20 years and required for a decade or more.

For the "don't need to smoke as much" thing, lots of people cite American Spirits. (My own preferred brand, and I don't really smoke any less than before, but I'm me and YMMV.) They will definitely go out if ignored.
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From what I read, the Nat Sherman cigarette business will continue under Altria, and Herklot (former Nat Sherman VP) has bought the various brand names for the Nat Sherman Cigars and is relaunching them under his own brand Ferio Tego, with pipe and pipe tobacco to be added later.

Not that I smoke anyway...
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Kind of a different vibe but I never wanted more than a couple-few Gauloises a week. The Gauloise Blondes in the blue box, at least, seem to go out when unattended.
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Since 2005 all Canadian cigarettes including those for export must have reduced ignition propensity.
Means they go out if ignored
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Former very picky smoker here...

Dunhill's is a comparable brand and flavor, but can be hard to find.

I suggest finding a good tobacconist who carries blends and can recommend something smooth and full bodied. Grab a mini humidifying packet to keep in your tobacco container to keep it from drying out. Then get 1 1/4 length papers like Zigzag Ultra Thin and some super slim filters (not the Raw brand ones, they barely draw air). I like Zen brand. Another $3 will get you a little contraption that rolls perfect cigarettes.

A bit more work, certainly, but a far superior experience.

Btw, the reason you 'don't need to smoke as much' with American Spirits because they have the highest amount of nicotine by a long shot -- 36 percent free-base nicotine, compared with 9.6 percent in a Marlboro, 2.7 percent in a Camel, and 6.2 percent in a Winston.
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Canadian cigs were always my goto for this (Players), but we roll our own now for the very occasional porch smoke. We're fans of the various Peter Stokkebye blends; once you try one of these you'll realize what garbage American Spirit is. With a rolling machine & filters, it's far and away the best smoke I've had in cig form.
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