Who is this bad role model?
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I'm thinking of a line from a movie I can't remember, can you help?

The line is something like "Don't you know I'd rather have him like this than not have him at all?"
Google is not giving me anything on versions of this.

I'm sure it's a female character talking about her partner or husband, who is treating her badly or cheating or otherwise behaving ill. Or it's possible that the female character is the one keeping the husband in some kind of unhealthy situation. It's possible that a lover of the husband is confronting the wife and asking her to let him go because the situation is so bad, to which the female character replies with the line I'm thinking of.

The only thing I can possibly think of is one of the wives- possibly the Anne Hathaway character- in Brokeback Mountain talking about knowing her husband is gay, but I don't think that's it.

Not much to go on, but maybe it rings some bells!
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I vaguely recollect a quote from a Meryl Streep film based on a book (Heartburn? Ironweed?) in which she says something like ‘He’s a schmuck, but he’s my schmuck’. But I’ve just been googling for twenty minutes and can’t find it. Sorry not have been more helpful!
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Response by poster: Oh snap, I remembered! It’s not from a movie at all, but the novel I Capture the Castle.

Spoiler: when Cassandra confronts Rose about her marrying Simon despite not being in love with him, Rose says “Don’t you know he’d rather have me that way than not at all?”
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