Should I stick with this show, Wynona Earp edition
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Lots of people we know love Wynona Earp, so we gave it a try. On paper it seems like exactly our thing, but we're three episodes in and it's just not doing it for us. Does the show take a little while to find its groove, or should it have clicked with us by now if we were going to like it?
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Best answer: I started watching the show begrudgingly. It does find its groove but it’s a show where there’s some major decisions that just... make no sense. I’ve decided I’m along for the ride so I don’t mind.
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Best answer: I started watching season one when it was first airing, and I almost quit somewhere around episode four. I decided to stick with it for a few more episodes and somehow, by the finale of season one, I had ended up at, "everyone on this show is my precious baby and I will cut anyone who hurts them!"

So I think in episodes 5 and 6, I relaxed and let go of common sense and stopped fighting the ridiculousness.

It's my very most favorite currently airing show, despite a lot of "whaaaa?" decisions the writing room makes, as Pretty Good Talker says above. I turn my brain off when watching and enjoy seeing all my precious babies.
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Best answer: Agreed, definitely takes a minute to get in the groove. I had to start watching multiple times before i really started to enjoy it
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Best answer: At a certain point it stops making a whole lot of sense, but it's no less fun for it.
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Best answer: I e been enjoying it. Items to watch 3-4 episodes, then take a break. The story tends to lurch around a bit, like they are only planning a few episodes ahead, but the characters are fun, and it’s got decent representation. So, not my favorite show, but I’m never sad to watch another batch of episodes.
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