Bricks & mortar store to buy a vacuum?
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Where in New England can we go look at vacuums, buy one, and have a decent return policy?

Last weekend we went to six different stores, and all anyone carries is Shark Lift-Aways or Dysons. One place also offered Miele, which thanks a lot but my budget is like $200, not $700. Target has Bissel, but they get bad reviews.

My wife is opposed to Shark, because it's super bulky and also we bought a Navigator a few years back (OK, probably close to 10 years), and she hated it. Dysons don't stand up when they are running (is this true?), and have a short warranty.

Consumer Reports loves Shark & Kenmore. What's a family with a dog and long-haired people in the house to do?!
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I think the Oreck store in Arlington Heights, MA, is still there.
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Dysons do stand up while running. FWIW, when we moved here, almost twelve years ago, I bought a refurbished Dyson from Woot. I only replaced it about six months ago because S broke it through user error. A friend of ours has a Dyson that is pushing 15 years. It really has been the best vacuum I’ve ever owned and it’s a powerhouse with all the shedded hair in this house (mine, the dog, and especially the cat). My mom has requested that I bequeath it to her once we get around to ripping up the only carpet in the house.
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Some Dysons stand and some don't (I assume you mean stand up on their own). We have an old (pre-"ball") Dyson "Animal" that does stand up when it's running. We also have a cordless Dyson which does not stand up on its own. I don't know about the "ball" models.
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I am in the camp that modern vacuums are inferior to the ones when I grew up. So, I went in search of an upright Hoover with the bag on the pole/handle. I found a very small independent shop that did vacuum (and other small appliances) repairs. It was a little out of the way, the place was small and had not been updated since about 1973 and the gentleman behind the counter was the nicest old man other than my grandfather I had ever met. We had a long discussion about the way appliances are meant to be thrown away after some short useful life.

Anyway, I purchased one of those Hoovers. This was about 8 or 9 years ago. Still have it and it is still going strong. The person who cleans my house is always asking me, jokingly, if she can have it. The only issue was making sure I had a supply of the bags. So, me being me, I went and purchased something like 50 bags. Whenever I use about 10, I buy more. If I use 4 a year, I am good for another 10-12 years.

I recommend you look in the Yellow Pages (or on the internet) for vacuum repair shops around you and see if they sell refurbished ones. I almost purchase one of those long canister things that looks like a dachshund with the hose attachment. I just decided it was going to be too hard to store when not in use and it was heavy, very heavy.
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I got a vac from North Shore Vacuum in Lynn MA - they also have a location in Middleton that is probably bigger. The Lynn was a small storefront, part of it frozen in time in the 70's but they had lots of serious equipment there.
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I don't know if you have a Costco nearby...they will only have one or at most two models (my local stores have Dysons, not sure of the model)...the price will be ok if they have the model you want, and the return policy will be awesome, the main reason I buy electronics there.
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Most places like Lowes have home vacuum cleaners.

If you can find one, I heartily recommend a Riccar brand vac, new or used. They're no-nonsense vacs that seem to handle a lot of abuse.
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Home Depot. Lowes. Best Buy. Target.
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If you happen to be near Worcester, MA, it looks like Leo's has a few other brands, and they sell refurbished vacuums in an even larger variety of brands. I haven't actually shopped with them, since they talked me out of it by talking me through how to fix my own vacuum over the phone, but that one phone call definitely convinced me that if and when I do need to buy a new vacuum, I'll look there first.
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Kohls' website is full of Shark and Bissel, but they have a few Hoovers there as well. I would try to buy one online and go pick it up so you can be sure your model is in stock at your location or find one that has it.

We got a Hoover bagless model for pets about 10 years ago and it still works. You do need to make sure to empty it often and replace filters. It is not used every week (our cleaning lady brings her own), but it has been reliable. If we had to replace it now, I feel we got our money's worth for sure.
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My Dyson stands while running as long as you manually kick the two backside bottom feet back in to a locked upright position. My particular Dyson is made of a bunch of super cheap plastic parts that since purchase have fallen off, so I personally don't recommend them for their price.
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I probably have the same woot dyson that Ruki got over a decade ago: DC14. You have to move the handle to the upright position to make it stand up unsupported, but you don't need to kick anything.
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