Freelancing as a medical proofreader
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I recently finished a medical proofreading class at University of Chicago and I feel confident enough in my skills to proofread and copy edit thesis papers for medical students. Where should I ho to advertise my services? Is there a Craigslist-type website for med students who need their medical theses proofread?
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Medical school in the US does not require a thesis. MD/PhD students will have dissertations; that might be a place to look.
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Best answer: Some medical schools do require a thesis of their students, so it's possible you could find work there. On the other hand, most of these students are probably inclined to handle their own proofreading/copyediting and may not have much cash to burn on your services. I would suggest looking for agencies that may wish to hire you. I previously worked for Cactus Communications, which hires medical editors primarily based on an online test. These jobs may be quite competitive now given the state of the world, but it might be worth looking into.
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Best answer: ho to gradcafe?
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Best answer: Oh, and the closest thing to "Craigslist for medical students" I'm aware of is Student Doctor Network.
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Sign up for the mailing list here. These won't be students, but actual medical professionals and companies. Still, you might as well see what is out there in the market.
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