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Bureau au premier. This is a sign on the poor hotel door. Why isn't there an article before 'Bureau'? And 'au premier 'means 'a le premier etage',right? Isn't 'etage' necessary here?
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I think this is just normal abbreviation but in context its possibly also acting as a little bit of an indication of the poverty - the hotel can only afford the shortest possible sign, or its part of the "we're not paid enough to do more than the bare minimum" feel.
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Best answer: "office on first"...we would do the same in English
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(Or, even more commonly, English does it with street names: "First" rather than "First Street," "Main" rather than "Main Street." So "Entrance on First" is a clear-but-shorthand way of saying "The entrance is on First Street.")
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À becomes au before the masculine l'étage, so au premier étage would be correct.
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Best answer: Dropping 'étage' is common in French, and in signage the article is often dropped.
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