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I tutor mathematics at university and often my students forget about their appointments. Is there some kind of software (preferably that could sync with my Axim) that could email out reminders to the students? I use linux and windows.
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What about using the Calendaring functionality in Outlook, or Thunderbird with the Calendar or Lightning extension, or whatever your primary mail client is? This would create a reminder for you, which you could then forward to your students as a reminder for them.

I'm sure with Linux there's some way that you could script it, so that it would automatically do this for you, but I'm not confident enough with my 'leet hacker' skills to recommend a Linux-specific solution.

What about sending out your calendar once a week to the students, via a distribution group? Export your weekly calendar as an xls file, so that the youngins will be able to read it.

On preview, I really haven't brought much to the table.
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My uni's tutoring service requires a 5 pound deposit for a tutoring appointment to be made. If no one shows, they keep the 5 pounds.

Not what you're looking for, but effective in solving a similar problem.
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Does your university email client (I presume you have one and that students are required to have an account, though I know that's not always true) have a calendar feature? If so, you can put the appointments in there with a reminder set up for x hours before the appointment that will be automatically emailed to you and the student.
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