What's Your Nightcap?
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Sometimes I like a little drink before bed to help me wind down and fall asleep. I don't drink much in general though, so I never have, say, an already open bottle of wine, and I kind of find spirits a little much last thing at night, so my current nightcap of choice is Lillet Blanc. What other - I guess, liqueurs? - would make for a not-too-strong night-time wind-down drink?
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I often have boxed wine, which lasts just fine for several weeks after opening so that I can have just one glass at a time.
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If you enjoy Lillet, you will probably also enjoy many of the other aromatized wines out there, including vermouths.

The Haus Alpenz portfolio is a good place to start.
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I really enjoy the Kneecap, it's half bourbon, half port, though I recommend taking it a room temperature and not chilled.

The bourbon cuts the sweetness of the port, while the port smooths & dilutes the bourbon.
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Hot toddy! I hate whiskey but I love this. I basically make tea with whiskey instead of tea--a spoonful of sugar, pour hot water over it, a squeeze of lemon juice and a splash of bourbon.
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I like a little Amaro from a local distillery.
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I also came into say amaro, or some other modestly bitter digestif.
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Sipping a small cognac is my soporific of choice. Make sure it is good quality, since cheap brandy is wretched. Keeps forever in a cabinet.
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Dubonnet is likely to go down well if you like Lillet.

Anise spirits (pastis, ouzo, raki etc. etc.) are strong but are just as pleasant watered down as much as you desire as they are on the rocks. Some might think anise weird as a post-dinner drink, but I find its cleanness very pleasant.

If you can find it, Henri Bardouin pastis is on a different level from any other anise I've tasted.
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Hot decaf herbal tea--I like chai or warm spicy flavors-- with a splash of cream and a shot of Captain Morgan-type spiced rum.
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Seconding red vermouth. In Spain, they drink it with ice and a slice of citrus (orange or lemon), and also sometimes with a bit of soda water to cut the sweetness. We got hooked on it when we went to Barcelona.

I used to like a glass of port in the evening. Again, a bit sweet, so sort of dependent on your taste.

In the cold weather, a cup of hot chocolate with a shot of coffee-flavored rum or liqueur is good.
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I like sherry sometimes. It's a nice addition to chicken soup, too.
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I was also going to say an Amaro. Averna or Montenegro would be a good place to start.
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I'm not embarrassed (too much) to say Bailey's Irish Creme?
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I love Cocchi Americano (an aromatized wine like Lillet) either neat, with an ice cube, or with seltzer. It's even nice in hot water on a cold night. It's got a lovely and complex flavor, but it's not very aggressive. If you want to fancy it up, a citrus garnish is nice with it (traditionally an orange peel).
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Hot chocolate with a shot of amaretto in it is lovely.
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Becherovka is a herbal bitter meant to be sipped slowly in small amounts, with complex floral flavours, and a heavenly scent (not quite as perfect as back in olden days, but then again, what is?).

Also for nightcaps, I'll sometimes nip a small brandy or small spiced rum.
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A nice glass of port, I'm partial to a tawny port, but love nice ruby one too. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a nice port either and it's fun to experiment with different labels and ages.
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Hot Mint Julep: Peppermint Tea, Whiskey, Honey, Lemon
Yogi Tea Soothing Caramel bed time herbal tea, Whiskey, honey, splash of milk
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I forget what it's called, but I really like drinking a mix of equal parts brandy and Meletti Amaro as a small nightcap.
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Stone's ginger wine might appeal to you. Good straight, or over ice when it's warm.
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Elderflower liquer (St. Germaine) is lovely on its own or mixed with other things. There's also honey liquers that have a really pleasant warm taste.
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Tuaca is Italian brandy with citrus. It is pretty delicious.
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I find many amaros a bit too bitter for my tastes, but I quite like Cardamaro chilled, up, with a twist of orange peel. It’s kind of halfway between more traditional amaros and vermouth and will last a couple months in the fridge.
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Nthing a hot toddy. It's practically medicinal if you make it with honey. Also, if it's not too sweet or filling for you, some amaretto in warm (or cold, whichever!) milk (or dairy alternative) is a good choice for winding down.
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Milo & Bailey's.
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White Russian!
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I like a hot toddy that is just hot water and bourbon, plus a slice of lemon or orange with cloves studded in it. Add honey if you want it a bit sweet.
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The affordability, shelf stability and many varieties of

sherries (fino, manzanilla, amontillado, oloroso, palo cortado, and sweet sherries)
ports (ruby, tawny, white, LBV, crusted, vintage)

are enough to keep the experimenter in you busy for a lifetime.

nthing Haus Alpenz if you want to get weird and off the beaten path..
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As a lifelong drinker of warm milk to combat insomnia, I'll second EmpressCallipygos's hot cocoa and a shot. My mom would drink a fruit brandy or liqueur.
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Where do you live? Fantastic vermouths available in some parts of the world, but not North America.

North America?

A Blackbird. Equal parts Jameson and Montenegro.
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On ice.
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The All Consuming podcast on Haus apéritifs sounded intriguing.
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