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I'm looking for podcasts that feature artists and other creative people (visual artists / designers / performance artists / comedians / musicians / chefs / writers / perfumers / etc...) talking about their work and process.

I know and love already: Design Matters with Debbie Millman, Song Exploder with Hrishikesh Hirway, and Inside Voices with Kevin T. Porter. What else should I put in my earholes?
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Best answer: Working by Slate talks to a wide variety of professionals, and I think this season is focused on creative professionals.
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Best answer: I really like Good One, which is comedians doing a deep dive into one of their jokes and how it reflects on their comedy process. Often I listen to an episode for a comedian I dislike or feel kind of meh on but come out with a new appreciation for them or at least a respect for how deeply they've considered their craft.
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Best answer: Creative Pep Talk does what it says on the tin.
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Best answer: The Art of Process with Aimee Mann and Teed Leo is exactly this.
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Best answer: Tape (interviews with radio producers - episodes are sort of sporadically released but super interesting, especially for like, NPR geeks who’ve heard every This American Life ever made), Longform (interviews with writers - in regular production), and Meet The Composer (out of regular production, but the back catalog is worth checking out) might fit the bill!
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Best answer: There was a great podcast called Weird Work that had a lot of interesting creatives on it

Another music-related show is The Jump with Shirley Manson
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Response by poster: These are all great, thanks to everyone who answered so far!
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Best answer: Start With This.
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Best answer: I feel super weird doing a personal plug (and preemptive apologies if that’s not cool!) but I’m a professional animator/illustrator and my comics artist and teacher friend and I started a podcast recently about analyzing animated films/shows/shorts called Cartoon Feelings . The first few episodes are kinda all over the place, but we’ve found we really like digging into the art of storytelling and structure, writing, design and visual inspiration and all that good stuff, and how it relates to our own creative work sometimes. We just started a series about Cartoon Saloon’s films and while only one episode is out so far, we’ve recorded them all and I was really enjoying wrapping my head around their beautiful work and how much they’ve evolved as a studio!

I really like a few of the podcasts that you and others have mentioned, so I figured I’d throw it out there!
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Best answer: Jessica Abel's Out on the Wire from a few years ago is an excellent podcast about the creative process and the principles of storytelling. Each episode she's joined by other writers and podcast/radio producers and presenters.

I'll also plug yet again the Rule of Three Podcast which has great discussions on comedy and comedy writing, within the framework of talking about favorite movies, TV shows, stand-up performances, etc.
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I haven't started it yet, but just got clued in to Cut the Craft made by one of my favorite bookbinders and a woodcarver pal.
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The Practice Odyssey: Two professional flautists discussing their practice methods super in-depth.
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