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We have finally been approved for our kitten, and will be taking him home from the shelter soon. We have a small space and want to provide for the best for our new cat while at least aiming at a nice aesthetic. We know that cats will mess everything up, but we at least want to try. What are the best/most effective, stylish litter boxes (we know cats have preferences, but again, we will try), cat trees, etc. that you have come across and liked?
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My cat really loves the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounger. I’ve had each one for several years and I think it’s fairly nice looking for a cat accessory. I sprinkle catnip on it to keep him interested.
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ModKat has the best litter boxes IMO. I have a flip and I (and the cat) love it.
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Came here to rec the same scratcher spacewarp13 links! Took my kitty a few weeks to figure it out and now she loves it.

You can narrow your pet furniture search by “modern” on chewy. I wouldn’t describe my aesthetic as modern but this category is generally...less ugly than traditional cat condos you may be thinking of.
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There are people making felted, uh, wool bubble-ish beds that a kitty can climb inside or squash down and sleep on top of. So lovely.

Also: look for the Etsy seller that only makes hand-thrown pottery cat fountains. These come in all kinds of loveliness, and the moving water encourages the kitty to drink water, which will help prevent kidney problems later in life. The ceramic is heavier and nicer than plastic cat fountains, plus you are supporting an independent business.
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This is the cat tree I would purchase if money was not an issue. I settled for buying some faux branches and affixing them to my regular cat tree. My cats think they are jungle cats now.
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Two-level litter boxes for pine litter, where the waste falls into the lower box, are great. Never buy anything with carpet. (Sisal rope is ugly, even when dyed. But, it's the right choice.) Cheers!
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This is the cleanest-looking cat scratching post ever. And it's indestructible.
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We have a Lotus cat tree and I love it. So do the cats.
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This tower is the best in Europe and all cats I know love it for sleeping, play and scratching, plus if you get it in black it takes a while to figure out it's a cat thing at all.

And toy-wise, skip the expensive stuff electronic stuff, get the cat dancer. It's hours of fun for the cat while you just hold it, and it's absolutely invisible wherever you tuck it between play sessions - mine lives on a bookshelf and each time I forget which one.
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Get a big and high cat condo. Cat's love heights and feel secure high up. Make sure the base is really sturdy, so the tree doesn't move when the cat goes flying into it. The absolutely best litter box is the Litter Robot. It's pricey, but keep an eye on Craigslist for a used one.
Not that you asked, but get Karen Pryors "Clicker training for cats" from the library. It's a small book. Cat's love to learn, and this will turn you into a cat treat feeding machine. Can't train a cat? Everybody has seen the big cats doing tricks. This is just a little big cat doing the same thing. While I'm at it, get a harness and a leach and take the cat for walks. It's more like hanging around while the cat explores, but my cat actually walked on a leash better than most dogs.
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For scratching posts, I like the Hauspanther one that affixes to the underside of a table. Sturdy and discreet. I'm sure there are other versions by other companies if you have trouble finding that specific one. And we've found that fabric storage cubes (not quite as flimsy as this, but not the expensive storage ottomans) were huge hits when the cats were younger and one of them still likes it a lot.

This cat tree is not exactly stylish in my opinion, but it's aesthetically pleasing (and if you are on a budget, it's worth checking around for used, we got ours for peanuts).
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+1 litter robot. I got one 4 years ago as a treat myself gift (lol) and it's still working like a champ. It's not super pretty, admittedly, but most effective litter boxes for me have high walls (cats like to kick!) so that is a limiter. I feel like I've seen litter boxes hiding in something like a cabinet (haven't used), but may also be a good option.
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I have this cat box in my bathroom and i don’t hate it. (Pro-tip: get a livestock feeding bin that fits inside so it’s easier to clean)
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Longtime cat owner here. You want to get a scratching post that's tall enough for kitty to stretch all the way out on, and you want one made of woven sisal (not rope). They'll ignore anything else. The smart cats post BlahLaLa posted would work. The one I personally recommend is this one.
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I don't understand why so much cat stuff — from scratching posts, to cat beds, to cat trees, to cat food (!) — is such trash. When thinking cat design, think high: Cats can climb and jump their way up all sorts of things. My cat has figured out how to jump from the A/C to the desk, to a chair, to a bureau, to a bookcase, and out the door for entertainment! Remember to think medium, too, because cats need to sit everywhere in a space to feel satisfied. And, finally, don't overlook thinking low: Cats like hidey places, places so low you'd never imagine they'd actually fit. My cat likes spots where he can see what's happening but can't be reached easily and, important point, always has two exits! Under bookcases, in odd spots under tables, under beds. Long story short, a one-level room is frequently, from a cat's perspective, multi-level. So there's a lot that can be done with a stable bookshelf, from going under to all the way up. On mine, which is not altered in any way to be cat friendly, my cat has figured out how to sit **behind** the books.

I agree that ideas of "modern" or "contemporary" permeate the best cat design. A lot of it is done by architects or professional designers, and most of it is aimed at a posh hipster audience and priced accordingly. Still, some of it is worth looking at. You'll have to do a lot of googling to find stuff, but searching "Indiegogo" and "kickstarter" and "cat" will unearth quite a bit. Note that the more moderately priced stuff is typically modular, and some of it is nice-looking. That said, if you're handy, or know someone who is, you can probably do a lot of improvisation on your own.

Hauspanther, mentioned above, tends to curate stuff out in the zeitgeist, as well as produce its own stuff, and there are several other places like that on the Web, although that is one of the better ones. But if you search for phrases that include the words "architect" and "cat," you can get quite a few ideas of ways to make cat stuff look integral to an overall interior design and not like "traditional" cat stuff at all.

Enjoy your new addition to the household.
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Hooray for a new kitten! Congrats!

Seconding the scratcher recommended by BlaLaLa. I got the grey version and it looks really clean and blends into my decor nicely, plus sooo sturdy (holds up to a strong adult cat scratching plus a kitten who loves to climb it at the same time.)

I'm also a fan of these marble-print non-slip pet bowl mats. They're nicer looking than most food mats and clean up easily, plus the idea of my cats eating off little "marble tables" entertains me. We're fancy. :)

Highly recommend Go Cat toys, which I know are not decor, but my cats and pretty well every other cat I've known in the last few years have adored them.

Finally, if you're going the cat fountain route this fountain has a clean look and is nice and quiet, which was my main concern for a fountain.
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