Recommend apps for an Apple Watch
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I recently received an Apple Watch and am looking for recommendations on ways that you have found it useful. I'm specifically interested in tools for nudging and tracking habits.

This is an series 3 watch. I've found the nudges to breathe and the ability to easily track workout time/heartrate beneficial, and I'd like to get into more of that kind of stuff. I'm specifically interested in the following kinds of tools:

- A spaced repetition app that can use a custom set of flash cards to display a prompt on my watch on an appropriate cadence (like Anki, but on the watch)
- A self-survey tool that allows me to define a question and a scale and ask me to give a rating at specific times (or randomly within time windows) (so I could ask myself to rate my energy on a 1-5 scale or my mood on 1-10, that kind of thing)
- A way to prompt specific habits at specific times, and mark whether I acted on them (Apple's reminders app allows me to do the prompt, but I don't know how to do the tracking part easily)

I'm also open to other recommendations of how people have used their Apple watches.
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My most used Watch apps:

Apple wallet
Brush (toothbrush timer)
Fitness (though the new Fitness+ is not compatible with the Series 3.)

You maybe get more use out of it if you dig into Shortcuts. I use that occasionally but I find it to be one of the least user-friendly Apple apps.
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