iOS Not Sharing Photos?
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My iPhone 11 used to share photos well amongst apps, but recently it stopped. Help me troubleshoot.

I take a lot of photos and use them in various apps. I used to be able to go into Photos, click the share button and share to Twitter, Messenger, Facebook. But recently (maybe with the latest software upgrade to 14.4), I no longer get all my favorite apps through that share button. How do I fix?
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If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the share screen, is there an option to edit the actions shown?
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In the share sheet, you should have a top row of airdrop/iMessage, and then a second row of app icons. It's not at all obvious, but both of those rows can scroll horizontally. At the far right in the app row, there's a "More..." button that'll let you add apps as favorites. I'd guess your apps are either out of sight to the right, or behind the button.
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Response by poster: Weirdly, the apps I’m thinking of are not listed in the “More” to the far right. They completely disappeared from my list, which now features weird places to share photos like Google Maps and Reminders.
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I had problems sharing photos from a newer iPhone because the photos were all HEIC files instead of jpgs. Apple had infuriatingly set this as the default which makes them largely incompatible with anything else. You have to drill way down into settings to change it, but once I did, photos became shareable again. I don't know if this is your issue, but it's an idea.
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Apple recently changed privacy permissions on photos. Can you try posting a picture through the app and see if it asks you to allow access to all photos again? Try it in twitter, then go back to photos to see if that brought the twitter button back.
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Response by poster: The HEIC thing didn't work.

The privacy settings didn't work.

I continue to search for solutions! DM me anytime!
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Response by poster: Things seem to have righted themselves with no assistance from me!
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