find me some striped knit to looove
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I would like to own the closest approximation to the excellent sweater Brian May is wearing in Queen's Somebody To Love video.

Key points I love about this sweater:
-big bold stripes
-loud colors that don't quite go together, and only fun colors (not where there's like a stripe of the same neutral color between each fun color)
-it's just a normal sweater (e.g. it's not oversized or cropped or hooded)
-proximity to Freddie Mercury

I am willing to settle for 3 of the 4 key points.

Can you please point me to places to purchase a sweater like this? I am an adult-sized person and don't care if it's a men's or women's top.
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Not quite as similar:
Creation L.
Creation L again.
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If you are a knitter, or if you know someone who is, perhaps you could just make one (or have one made.) Here's just one of many striped sweater patterns.
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Sort of? (ebay)
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La Ligne may have some you are interested in. Here is one I quite like.
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Gap did a few years of similar sweaters in the 1990s-2000s, now available on eBay.
They had cute rainbow stripe winter scarves, too.
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This used to be a Gap trademark. They redid it a couple years ago. Searching for “gap Christmas sweater” should return some results.

If it can be any knit top and big a sweater per se, offers some striped adult pajama tops. They’re marketed as pajama tops, but there’s no reason you can’t wear them as a regular shirt. I have a striped pajama top from Hanna Andersson that I wear all the time, although it seems like they no longer offer that pattern.
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Search ebay for "gap crazy stripe sweater." You will have your pick of many.
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