Tell me more about this red plastic hippo in a suit
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I have a plastic hippo(?) figurine of unknown origin and my image search for "red hippo figurine" has not helped. Image album:

I used to work with a fellow named Lloyd. He wore a cowboy hat all the time and liked programming in Haskell. We were new software engineers at a large consulting company, going through the same new-starter onboarding sessions and training for a couple months.

I can't believe I don't remember the exact details, but one day he somehow ended up giving me this small red plastic hippo figurine, with no explanation. I want to say he had a whole bag of 'em. We parted ways within the company soon after. I kept the figurine on my desk until I left the company, and it's in my nostalgia drawer today.

It's almost exactly an inch tall. with no manufacturer markings. It seems similar to Crazy Bones, or some old Soviet figurines, but no pictures of the exact thing have come up in my search. I'm 90% sure it's a hippo but happy to be proven wrong.
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Best answer: I found this ebay lot by googling "vintage red plastic hippo". It appears to be a lot of 50 of your exact same hippo. The seller doesn't seem to know much either unfortunately.
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Response by poster: I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't check ebay! I figured anything relevant would show up in an image search. Knowing that more of them exist is fantastic, thanks.
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This is likely not helpful, but as a kid I had a lot of toys similar to this - by which I mean random plastic figurines. Some came from dollar stores, some were party favors - there was also a store my mom would take me to that was an odd mix of industrial products + cheap mass produced toys like this - everything was sold by the pound. I think the ebay sellers' suggestion of "May have been used for counting/mathematics" is a good one - similar products still exist.
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There were some Hippos in the Babar world, but their ears were a bit different and they wore fancier costumes as I remember. There was an animated series called “Little Hippo” that look a little closer to this. It may be a tie in with one of those characters.
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There is a chain restaurant in France named Hippopotamus whose mascot looks similar. Their signature color is that shade of red. It appears they have updated their look in recent years, but an image search for “hippopotamus restaurant France logo” turns up the old hippo. The glasses are the only thing that makes me unsure it’s a match.
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I thought maybe this was meant to be a Moomin, but I can't see anything on Google that looks like a red plastic Moominpappa.

There are a startling number of returns on "hippo with glasses" though.
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Definitely not a Moomin, the mouth and nose are all wrong.
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Best answer: At least one other person on the internet believes that they were made for counting / maths:

WAIT NO there's another:

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Which brings us to an apparently currently available version:
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We had similar bears(?) for counting at Montessori preschool in the 80s.
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