Looking for music video - boy on a flying manta ray?
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This is silly, but its been bugging me all week: I suspect this was from sometime between 2000 and 2008, and the animation was something like early pixar/cg. There was a boy with a red scarf, and his father was kidnapped by evil gnomes, and the boy escapes on a flying manta ray and they're chased by the gnomes in a flying longboat.

I think the vocals were male and sort of "dreamy" (elongated vowels, slow), and I have a half memory that the lyrics were about looking for someone on the moon. I'd love to know this was a real thing!
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I don't have an answer, but you're not the only one who remembers it: "The first video was an animated video sort of in the same style as an early-ish Pixar type animation (somewhat realistic, sort of plastic type characters). A little boy lost his father and was being chased by weird monsters on a pirate ship in the sky. The boy jumped on a flying manta ray and escaped."
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Response by poster: Well, its good to know it was real at least!
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Response by poster: And now I can answer someone else's question.

Kwoon, I lived on the Moon

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Yes, korej! How did you find it?
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Oh you guys! You are the best!!! I actually cried when I watched this again. There's something about it that touches me so deeply. I think its the theme of weathering terrible times with creativity and finally escaping your past in some fantastic way. Bless you for finding this! And THANK YOU to MonkeyToes for alerting me that this had been found. Its precious to me!
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Response by poster: MonkeyToes, I hate to admit it, but my brain randomly gave me the word "Kwoon" after my second coffee, and I just looked it up. It'd be nice if my file retrieval system was a little more reliable, but I'll take it!
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