Lastpass replacement with specific needs
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Lastpass, my long-time password manager, is starting to restrict free accounts to only desktop or only mobile. This is inconvenient but perhaps it will result in a better user experience since Lastpass stubbornly refuses to autofill my bank app. What I'm looking for is a password manager that syncs between desktop and mobile, and can autofill Android apps (my bank app), Windows apps (like 365), and within desktop and mobile browsers.

I'd rather not have to install and test a bunch of different password managers because that means putting my bank password out there over and over. I'm reading reviews but very few mention anything about autofilling mobile apps. Does anybody out there have any suggestions?

I'm currently testing LogMeOnce and it doesn't seem to autofill mobile apps at all.

Users are myself and my boyfriend.
Free suggestions only. If I want to pay money I already know what to do.
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Best answer: I can confirm that Bitwarden fills mobile apps using either an accessibility overlay or the the new Android 11 keyboard features. It's got a browser extension that works, but I haven't tested the Windows application.
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I'm using Bitwarden with all of the above, except Windows applications. I have not tested with Win apps.
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Bitwarden! Yes it's free, but the paid version is only $10 per YEAR and worth the support.
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I went from paid LastPass to paid 1Password a while ago, as there were issues with the LastPass browser extensions that went unsolved for ages and recurring billing issues. Running a family plan, $60 a year (I think?).

1Password has been much better, using it on Android, iPads, Windows and Mac computers. It's a little clunky on Chromebooks, but serviceable. No personal experience with Bitwarden, but the feature list sounds pretty similar.

Of course, LastPass had almost the same feature list, it just didn't work...
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Response by poster: I have installed Bitwarden but the Android autofill via overlay is still flaky. I have to open the vault and copy/paste the password. Is that what it's supposed to do?

It works fine in Chrome browser for Windows. The Windows app doesn't seem to do anything but open the vault. Does that agree with other's experience?
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Best answer: The Android auto fill works for me with bitwarden. Might be worth contacting support.
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I've happily used Bitwarden and while it's been reliable in some ways, the filling-in part is definitely flaky. I'd recommend it, but I also hear 1Password is excellent.

If you do trade over to one of those from LastPass, be sure to keep your old account for a while. Mine had trouble exporting my accounts and scrambled a few of them — had to log back into LastPass to retrieve them.
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If you don't mind twiddling, keepass allows this with many of the file storage sites. I use gdrive, but Dropbox, one drive and box are also supported. I have iPad, android phone, Linux and windows on it.
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Bitwarden is fantastic. I exported last year from lastpass and transferred all my stuff to Bitwarden.
Even better , Bitwarden allows you to host on your own server if so choose and its open source.
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Best answer: I switched to Bitwarden from Lastpass and, so far, it’s been perfectly fine.

Only minor annoyances, to date, is that (unlike LastPass) it doesn’t put a clickable icon at the end of username and password fields to enable filling those fields and the prompt to add a new login isn’t as slick (or noticeable) as the LastPass one.

I can live with both of those annoyances though.
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