Where can I download free/cheap sheets full of clipart images of things?
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My son likes to stick things that start with a letter onto the letter. E.g. Get a picture of an A and cover it in stickers of apples, alligator, ax, and ant on them. He has some sticker workbooks like this, but there's one page per letter and I can't keep him in stickers. And he could work on his cutting skills. So I want to basically print out a page with pictures of fruit/vegetables/animals/household objects/whatever etc. and let him cut them out and glue them to the right letter. Where can I find suitable printable sheets?

Triple super duper bonus points if the sheets are editable so I can remove objects starting with sounds he hasn't learned yet.
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Response by poster: Oh, and yes, I'll grab the store flyers when they come. I would use magazines and catalogues, but I don't have any.
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Check out the ABCs Printables section for. 3Dinosaurs. For example, here’s the Alphabet Stomping G Phonics Pack. Just print page 9 and only use half the page. Some of her stuff you have to buy on Teachers Pay Teachers but she has SO much free stuff.

Searching for “A is for worksheet” also brings up some likely hits, though not all in color. Some of them will be the “circle everything that starts with A” type of worksheet, so some of the images won’t start with the right letter, but maybe that’s good practice for your kiddo too depending on his age.
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PS if you specifically WANT him to work on matching images to the right letters, 3Dinosaurs has a million themed packs. For instance, here’s a farm pack and here’s a space pack.
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I searched google images for "household items coloring sheet" and got a bunch of good results. Plus, optional coloring!
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The Graphics Fairy has tons and tons of free clipart.
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