Non Sweaty, bite sized exercises to do throughout day?
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I would really want to spend the 1-2 minutes between meetings during the day to do exercises that will have a positive impact on my overall health. Want to do these 2-3 times a day, but don't want to break a sweat. I work from home. Ideally with a program/progression to follow. What do/would you do?
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How readily do you break a sweat? My first thought would be to try to max out a pullup set (or a hanging leg raise set, etc.) on a doorway-mounted pullup bar.
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These may be a little open-ended for you:


1) stand facing a wall. Use your arms to walk your down the wall. Then walk with your arms on the wall up from the ground.

2) wall sits (google). Try with slightly spread legs as well.

3) stand facing a wall. Touch your forehead to it. Now turn your body a full turn, moving your hands as you need to but keeping your head in contact with the wall.

4) fake martial arts: practice almost hitting the wall with your hands, feet, bodychecks, etc.
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I like doing squats or lunges. They activate large muscle groups (glutes/ hamstrings), which can then be easily recruited when walking, jogging, hiking or biking. they are also good for hip mobility. your lower back will thank you as well.
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Squats, planks, jumping jacks/star jumps, sit-ups, knee taps...I'd look at HIIT exercises, and just stick to doing one. More low-key == less sweat, obviously.

(I sweat, ah, very readily, and even I've found that a lot of HIIT exercises, when I'm not doing them for half an hour, leave me relatively un-sweaty. There's plenty that emphasize strength rather than cardio, and those work best for me!)

For actually deciding what to do -- ages ago, I did a thing where I wrote exercises on popsicle sticks (one exercise per stick) and then pulled however many I wanted to do a workout. This was very, very fun, and I especially recommend putting some non-exercise nifty things to do on a few sticks :)
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Perhaps slightly off topic and if so, feel free to ignore, but I use the Wakeout app. All kinds of exercises; levels from low to high intensity; and and exercises in all kinds of ranges. It gives you progressions in how often and how much you do it and there are 100s of different exercises. Free or $5/month. Not affiliated, just a fan.

The Walk app is also good for this and has a progression. It is also free.
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The free seven minute workout app has a variety of exercises for varying fitness levels, including a version that doesn’t involve getting on the floor, and has a built in timer and some options to shuffle things up. The workouts are also created by a researcher vs. some rando on Pinterest.
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They just wrote about this on Fit is a Feminist Issue. Apparently the hashtag #JustMove has more ideas.
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The 4-Minute Workout Really, Really Short Workouts
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I throw a foam exercise die against the wall several times a day and do what it lands on. It's more fun than an app so I actually do it.
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If you’re gonna do stuff with walls, you should do some doorway rows. Stand on one side of an open door, put your hands on the jamb of the other side of the door, lean back, and pull yourself up. You’re basically using the door frame as a pull-up bar, but it’s not as hard.

I do a combination of stretching and air squats. I also have a desk pedaler, which is kind of like a stationary bike that fits under your desk so you can pedal while you work. I don’t actually use mine because my WFH desk is meant for kids and my knees bang, but it’s an idea.
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The more intensely you become accustomed to exercising, the more it takes to make you sweat. So making sweat happen outside of the workday will help :)

Also I don't think I saw wall sits... Basically put your back against the wall and position your body as though your sitting. Works a bit differently than a squat.

Something for a different part of your health might be breathing exercises. Wim Hoff breathing, or simply practicing slowing or even holding your breath.

Getting exposure to natural sunlight helps your health, too. So maybe a two minute walk?
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Dance! Lots of hits from the sixties are 2-3 minutes long or jump rope.
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Best answer: has SO many of these. Check them out!
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There's an app for this exact thing called Wakeout that a lot of people really like. I myself haven't tried it so I can't say and it's $2.90/mo. But it's designed for little exercise breaks throughout the day in super short intervals and different places in your house.
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There are padded kettlebells available which will work strength and allow you to knock out some kettlebell squats quickly between meetings.
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