Transgender Medical Care Laws in Minnesota
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Asking for a friend: if you have an underage teenager who is transgender, with divorced parents with medicolegal joint custody, and one supports the teen's gender identity and the other doesn't, can that teen access gender health services in Minnesota?

Would appreciate references to specific laws, policies, and (if you have them) services or resources for the supportive parent. Thanks!
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We are big supporters of Reclaim, an LGBTQIA+ therapy program for youth here in the Twin Cities, and in addition to PFLAG, they list Transforming Families as a good family resource on their resources page.
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Here are two Minnesota-based organizations that could be contacted for legal advice.

JustUs Health would be my first recommendation. I believe part of their work is specifically to address trans justice in a health care context.

Gender Justice
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I can recommend this clinic in the Twin Cities:
They probably have connections to legal resources as well as, obviously, the physical/mental health resources.
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The Transgender Law Center's legal help desk may be able to help with this question. I'd encourage your friend to submit their question here.

Note: I volunteered for TLC briefly.
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