Help me identify this MF song
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In 1992 I heard a dance track at camp. What I remember is that the the hook or chorus was a pause, in which the beat stopped and a man emphasized the word "motherfucker." Possibly he said it twice. I don't think it was Prince's "Sexy MF," but it had that same feel and dynamics. Is there another song from the New Jack era that meets this description?
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Are you sure about the year? This has got to be
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Here's a search result on listing 77 songs containing the MF word, singular, from the 1980s (including 1990). If it's not there, switch the decade selector to the 1990s, which has quite a few more results. Or add the S. Possibly "Empire Builder" fits the bill.
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Around that time there was a chant for the instrumental pauses in "Mony Mony" that you may be remembering. It was big at my camp around then!
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Are you sure about the year? This has got to be

If it is that line, it's more likely to be one of the many, many earlier songs that use it. I can't see anyone describing Bloodhound Gang and Prince as having the "same feel."
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Was it EMF's 'EMF'? Second chorus, around 2m10s.
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I came in to nominate EMF too!
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I doubt this is it, but my guess is Ween's "I'm in the mood to move". Verse with "motherfuck" begins at 0:20.
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Bloodhound gang is not New Jack...
My guess would be early Dr. Dre, Nate Dog or Similar melodic hip hop from around that time
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the guesses. I'm going to chalk it up to misremembering what Sexy MF sounded like in 1992 to someone whose sense of what music should be was centered around Use Your Illusion II.
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