I can't believe I'm going to ask a Clubhouse invite question.
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I have a friend who is repeatedly trying to send me an invite for Clubhouse. I have an iPhone. I never receive an invitation text via any channel when she tries to invite me. I am based in Indonesia with a Hong Kong phone number. I have searched online as to whether there is an international restriction, but have not gotten any answers. Any ideas? Anyone experienced something similar?
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I had the same issue when my friend in India tried to send an invite to my Japanese phone number. iMessage stripped the link for whatever reason, so he had to send the link manually. I haven't invited anyone, so I'm not sure how to get the link itself, however.

If your friend can't find a manual invite link, I'll ask my friend and see how he got around the problem.
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I had this happen US -> US two weeks ago. Sent invite, never received. It may be a consequence of load levels / delivery issues. SMS isn't guaranteed delivery and can hiccup sometimes.
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