Channel for pitching programming to smaller market orchestras?
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Is there a central “marketplace” where orchestras from small to medium-size markets go in search of new and unusual material to build into their programs? If you had a twenty-minute piece for small orchestra and solo voice, where would you go to pitch it?
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Best answer: I would check out the League of American Orchestras website, specifically the Earshot section.
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Best answer: How about looking into Chamber Music orchestras? I think they often have more adventurous audiences and are more interested in newer work. They are often interested in solo artists accompanied by their orchestras, whether singers or instrumentalists.
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Best answer: You don't happen to be in Minnesota, do you?
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Best answer: From my conductor boyfriend who regularly premieres new works:


Facebook has a private group called Passion for Conducting.

For women composers, try which is the Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy group.
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Response by poster: WOW!!! As always, MeFi is the bomb!
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