Pulp Fiction Read from the 90s. What WAS this book?
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When I was somewhere between the ages of 11-15 (so 1993-1997), my aunt visited and left behind a book. It was an erotic thriller and at the end it turned out Hitler’s head had been cryogenically frozen to put on modern Nazi’s bodies. What WAS this book?

- I think the main character was a woman who was often in peril
- the plot barely made sense to me
- I remember it as erotica but I was young so it may only have had suggestions of sex.
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Best answer: Oh god, it was The Day After Tomorrow -- at least for Hitler's frozen head. A gigantic bestseller in 1994 and at the end I was all WTF?

Don't remember the rest of it, though.
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Response by poster: Thank you! I have wondered about this for YEARS
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