Recorded a brief clip from Netflix for Fair Use. How to get good audio?
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I would like to use a 30-second clip from an episode of Grey's Anatomy in my classroom. It's on Netflix, and I have a subscription. I know that it is legal under Fair Use to show this clip to students, but I don't have access to Netflix during class.

I would like to make a recording of the scene from my MacBook Pro. QuickTime does the video screen recording perfectly well, but the audio options are "none" and "internal microphone," so the audio is terrible. How can I make a recording that uses the audio as it plays from Netflix, not the audio that comes out of the computer speakers? Is there a better app? A script? I'm fine with spending a little money for a useful A/V application.

I have the latest version of VLC as well but I run into the same problem re: audio input options.
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Try loopback audio. (disclaimer: I haven't used it personally)
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Audio Hijack is exactly what you want.
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Try Piezo. It was made just for this. Costs a bit of money but the free version may get you there. Delightful little app.
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You can use obs studio to screen capture the bit you want to show and format the file to whatever works for you. Totally 100% free, awesome software.
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I'm cheap and VB-CABLE worked for my needs. You just have to configure both playback and recording to the virtual device.
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Which episode is it? There's almost certain to be a complete and clean copy available via BitTorrent that you could just clip a piece from.
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If you play through browser, try Awesome Screenshot and Recorder, Loom, ScreenCastify (all are recorder extensions through Chrome)
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