How to copy mp3 files from a Windows 10 PC to an iPhone as an audiobook
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There seem to be many many tutorials on the net for this, none of which I can get to work. Am I missing something? Do they all involve using iTunes and first putting the mp3 files into my iTunes library? I don't want to do that. I manage my music library with dBpoweramp. Is there not a way of copying them to my iPhone as if it were a drive? I am a fairly sophisticated Windows user. Not so much iPhone.
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Dropbox would work.
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Response by poster: Follow-up: I'm using iTunes ver. with an iPhone SE (2nd generation) and Windows 10 fully updated.
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Best answer: Myself - I use Mp3Tag to ensure that the files are tagged as audiobooks - then, I use CopyTrans (which seems to be completely free now) to do the transfers. (I refuse to install iTunes on my Windows machines)

Not sure if those will work with your iPhone SE.
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So, I don't know how helpful this answer will be, but if you are listening to music that you have on your desktop, spotify has some nice syncing features (and just, literally every song ever) so much that it's worth the premium subscription. On top of that, if you can get your family to sign up/have friends, spotify family is $15 for 5 accounts that seamlessly blend (easier than netflix).

Spotify is one of those things, like netflix, that once you have it, there's little reason to go back to owning /transferring MP3s again.

If it's for something other than having your music library on your phone, I agree with jonathanhughes that dropbox would be a good solution.
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Response by poster: Too easy, rozcakj! Thank you very much.
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My method was to upload to Dropbox then export to Downcast (my podcast app). This worked well for books that came in 1-2 parts, but for ones that had 10+ chapters, I stitched them with Audacity before uploading.
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i use bookmobile an ios audiobook player which also has a built webserver for loading audiobooks. supports dropbox as well.
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Tagging them as Audiobooks in the Media Type tag is the important part. Once you do that, you can use any regular method to transfer the files.
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