Is there a Canadian version of the wirecutter?
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I love the wirecutter for its ability to save me time and angst while shopping, but as a Canadian, it often really lets me down. Its recommendations are often completely unavailable or so expensive the wirecutter would never recommend them (think 3 to 5 times the USD price). Is there a Canada-specific website like the wirecutter? The wirecutter is pretty general, but maybe I could cobble together recommendations from a set of more specific Canadian recommendation sites?
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One thing I've noticed is that sometimes you have to do a bit of comparison shopping for the Wirecutter's recommendations - they often link directly to Amazon, and I find that some things are more likely to be big-box-store-exclusive in Canada, and cheaper at Costco, dedicated stores for that sort of product, and that kind of thing.
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Agree with sagc. I'll often take Wirecutter recommendations and then look at, Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart, etc for the specific recommended products. Wirecutter gets a ton of affiliate commisions of their direct links to the various retailers, there is nothing that says those are the best places to buy or will be the lowest price.
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Response by poster: Please assume I do not just rely on the wirecutter affiliate links and already comparison shop through Canadian retailers (known suspects, googling, and and still find that much of what I’m interested in is unavailable or so expensive that it’s no longer a good pick.
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Best answer: Consumer reports if you don't have it already
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Consumer reports if you don't have it already

Your local library system may have a subscription to Consumer Reports. (Toronto's does.)
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Response by poster: Alas, I already have a consumer reports subscription - and it's great! But it doesn't quite fill the same niche as the wirecutter for smaller goods - robes, towels, commuter gear, etc. Maybe the Canadian market is just too small or overlaps the US market too much for such a thing to profitably exist. Thanks everyone!
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