Songs with a seagull?
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Looking for songs with sea-bird sound effects. So far, I've identified seven. Listed chronologically, (my favorite ordering for a playlist) they are:

the Shangri-Las - Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)
the Small Faces - Lazy Sunday
the Temptations - I Wish It Would Rain
Procol Harum - A Salty Dog
Elton John - Sweet Painted Lady
the Who - Sea and Sand (and maybe others from Quadrophenia)
Split Enz - Late Last Night
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Boys of Summer - Don Henley
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1000 Hours of Staring has a long ambient track called "Cantankerous Seagull" that definitely has one of those in it on and off for like 20 minutes. Definitely a departure from the others on this list though!
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Response by poster: I omitted one (because I think the bird is just an electronic sound)

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene part 6
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The Depeche Mode instrumental song Sibeling has a sea bird/ocean effect.
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Perhaps not quite what you're looking for (sound effect is just the singer), but:

Flight of the Conchords — Seagull (lyrics NSFW)
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This is probably TOO much what you're looking for, but PJ Harvey has a track called "Seagulls" on Uh Huh Her that is just a minute-plus of seagull sounds.
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Best answer: Otis Redding, (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay (birds first audible at start of verse 2, around 0:57)

Does Engelbert Humperdinck singing “caw, caw” count? If so: Engelbert Humperdinck, Lesbian Seagull (this is from a Beavis & Butthead movie) (ETA: Sorry, no, it predates the B&B movie! I had no idea.)
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Best answer: A Little Voice In Space by tragically underappreciated musician Jackie Leven (briefly before the start of the song after the intro).
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Tomorrow Never Knows, by the Beatles
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The seagull in "Tomorrow Never Knows" is supposedly Paul laughing, sped up and backwards.
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Best answer: The Pet Shop Boys' cover of "Go West."
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Best answer: Kool & The Gang - Cherish
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SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) by Bad Lip Reading has seagull sounds in it. The video is better than the song, but (I think) the song is enjoyable by itself.
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The Lonesome Boatman
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John Fogerty's version of Sea Cruise (1975).
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"Go West" by Pet Shop Boys (be careful, early pressings of the album had like a 15 minute dead space before the hidden track "ecstasy")
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Personally, I think the intro to Burn by The Cure sounds more like gulls than crows, but ymmv.
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Best answer: Dream No. 2 by Ken Tobias. A 70s oddity. More gulls on the bridge.
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There are some seagull/bird noises in the first couple of mins on Prince's Remix of 'Paisley Park'
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They're in the background, but Marooned by Pink Floyd has seagulls at the beginning.
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Cantus Arcticus, a “Concerto for Birds and Orchestra” by Einojuhani Rautavaara.
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Best answer: David Essex - Ocean Girl
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Response by poster: (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay

You're right! I remembered Otis employing the sound of waves at the beginning and end, but he does in fact have birds in the middle.

Does Engelbert Humperdinck singing “caw, caw” count?

No, miles per flower, certainly not. And praemunire & evilmonk, thanks, that Pet Shop Boys video of "Go West" is the most entertaining thing I've experienced in a while.
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Not sure if the seagull sounds at the beginning of Weight of Days (by O Positive, one of the most criminally overlooked Boston bands of the 80s) are actual seagulls or guitar effects intended to sound like seagulls. Or seagulls processed to sound like guitar effects that sound like seagulls.
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Nick Cave—To Be By Your Side
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Soul Coughing - Sugar-Free Jazz
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Best answer: There is an interlude with sea sounds and seagulls in Grand Funk Railroad I'm Your Captain.
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Came here to recommend A Salty Dog, but you've got it already, so have Pink Floyd's Echoes instead (about 11m40 in, produced by David Gilmour accidentallly plugging his wah pedal in backwards).
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”The Coldest Days of My Life”, by the Chi-Lites (1972?). (Extensively sampled as Quiet Village’s “Victoria’s Secret.”)
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Best answer: "Deep End", School of Fish - at the very end.
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Think there are some in Aha's Manhattan Skyline...
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