What's going on with instagram's English -> Japanese translation?
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I follow a bunch of Japanese instagram accounts, and the auto-translate frequently does this weird thing where a word is repeated a lot in the translation, when it pretty obviously isn't in the original text. Examples inside.

E.g., here's the original text on a recent post:
"#pizzatoru #pizza #ぴざとる #ピザトル #bushbaby#ブッシュベイビー #ショウガラゴ#galago #monkey #猿 #🐵"

Here's the translation:
"Yummy #🐵 #🐵 #🐵 #🐵 #🐵 #🐵 #🐵 #🐵 #🐵 #🐵 "

(that's a monkey emjoi, in case it's not showing up).

In other cases it does the same thing with normal text (i.e. not just with a collection of hashtags like the above). It'll come out something like "Today I went out for a walk, and then a, and then a, and then a, and then a, and then a"

I know the state of machine translation from Japanese is not great, but this one seems particularly bizarre. Anyone have an idea why this might happen?
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What is the actual translation of those Japanese hashtags? And to be clear, it did not simply pass through the English hashtags (e.g. #pizza?)

In modern Machine Translation engines, the model must frequently deal with novel, out-of-vocabularly words. The way it handles this is by looking at neighboring words and finding something, anything, that might be a related word that could fit in that slot.

It's possible they're treating each and every hashtag as new word (rather than stripping the poundsign - but even that doesn't always work, as in the case of something like #WearAMask, where there are concatenated words - don't know if the Japanese internet does that). This could result in a sentence with one or two translatable words at either end, and a sequence of tokens that the system simply doesn't know, and needs to find alternatives for.

The other possibility is that they rolled out a new model that is just completely 100% broken :-)
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What is the actual translation of those Japanese hashtags?

The Japanese hashtags are nearly the same as the English ones: pizzatoru (twice, two different character sets, and translating it is beyond me), bushbaby, shougalago (Senegal bushbaby or lesser galago, says Wikipedia) and monkey. So in total, you've got:

#pizzatoru #pizza #pizzatoru #pizzatoru #bushbaby #bushbaby #lesser galago #galago #monkey #monkey #🐵
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Best answer: It's a known phenomenon in the field of natural language processing in machine learning called text degeneration, and happens with many language models, including GPT-2.
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Basically what typify said. This is a weird artifact that sometimes happens when using neural networks for text generation.
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Response by poster: Thanks, typify! That's super interesting.
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