How do they make holographic wrapping paper patterns?
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Remember these? laser-dazer-spinning-disk-creates-moving Or foil like this? products/holographic-foils.html

I want to know more about the manufacture of the artwork itself. I am not interested in stamping existing light vectors onto surfaces, nor do I want to know how logos are printed over the top.

Very specifically I want to know about how the extremely simple patterns are made such that when you rotate it to a certain degree, it reflects significantly more light. And if you turn it a few more degrees a field or polygonal shape next to it reflects more, and the previous shape, virtually none.

Is the process mechanical? Can it be mechanical? Is it photographic?
Is there a way to just polarize a single area so it reflects one specific angle?

This printer has lots of foil, and I can see areas that have been masked. But I don’t see any light field design. This example is like hundreds of others I waded through in trying to find my answer. I don’t want off the shelf foil stamped into an area, nor do I want areas cleverly colored with an overlay. This is not it.

Here’s another example what I’m not looking for...
In the video I thought, “oh, this is close!” Because theoretically I could find paper with a primary vector of reflectance and stamp into small areas. But the resolution and alignment then becomes problematic exponentially due to the number of plates and precision registration.
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Best answer: You're looking for these magic words: "holographic master origination".
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