Web marketing to direct mail - is there a platform?
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Wondering if there is a good platform for connecting modern web marketing (CCM) tech to direct mail? As in: I searched for product X, I am retargeted with ads for product x, and I get a postcard for product x week later in my mailbox?
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Mailchimp can do postcards sending for you. This of course only works if you also have (up to date) physical address details for your prospects. When an email bounces, the cost is negligible. For a postcard that costs 3-4$/ piece ( with design, postage etc...) it's a different story.

But yes, if you're in the US, Mailchimp would be a good option for that. You'd have to set up your own funnel that triggers the retarget and the mailing.
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The cookies that ad networks store in your web browser to correlate someone across web sites from searches to ads don't match to names or address information for the most part. Making this a difficult proposition.

Particular e-commerce sites that have your personal information could in theory do this, and do send reminder emails about particular products you have been interested in. They also have the data for conversion rates from reminder email (almost free) to purchase, which i suspect is infinitesimally low. They can do the math to determine if the cost of a physical mailing makes financial sense to purchase conversions. That they do not currently do this speaks volumes to it's economics.

If you really wanted to do this, you'll have to talk to the companies who have people's physical addresses and identity information, which are the e-commerce companies, not 3rd party ad networks.
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What The Adamist said. Generally marketers pitch a cheap or free physical thing “heavily discounted” as a special offer and mail it as a loss leader for more things; they also rent and sell the mail lists generated by these prospects.

Source: worked in the industry far too long.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys

the question is specifically for clinical trials - if a patient does some research for CTs for a disease state X, we want to reengage them if at all possible .
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