Mānuka honey
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I like honey. I'd like to try Mānuka honey, but honey of many varieties is often counterfeit, online sellers are unscrupulous, and this is expensive enough that I'd like to have a reasonable chance at tasting the real thing. Short of visiting New Zealand, which is not a realistic option at this time, are there legitimate sellers of this item?

Many certifications appear to be issued by sellers. Are there certifications that are issued by independent or government bodies, that are known to be reliable?
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Best answer: You need to look for Manuka honey that has a UMF rating which means it’s been lab tested for genuine Manuka honey markers.
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Best answer: I’ve bought UMF rated Manuka honey from Trader Joe’s.
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Best answer: I've seen it at CostCo before in person; they sell it online here apparently. The online version is much more expensive, but apparently that's because it's a higher grade, according to the reviews?
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Best answer: You could try ordering direct from the suppliers. I'm not sure how the prices would work out for you, but these are some big, long-established companies in NZ: Comvita (NZ company, this is their US site) or Manuka Health (NZ site, ships to US), Arataki Honey (NZ site, ships to US). Other members of the UMF Honey Association might be worth a look too.
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