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I built a website using Network Solution's website builder tool four days ago. On that day, and each day afterwards, I go to the page to try and publish the site. And every day, it says the site is published but it, in fact, has not been and is nowhere on the Internet.

The company says it is having a technical issue but its website, (and no SEO websites) show that the company is having any problem. The person I spoke with (one of many) said they recognize the problem but can't seem to identify it, but it shouldn't take weeks for the site to be up. What kind of problem could they be having that is affecting not only me, but probably dozens of others for "weeks?" And should I delete the site and rebuild it in hopes I won't have the same problem, wait, or move to another website provider?
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There are countless problems that could be causing that, I’m not sure you’ve given us enough info to make even a wild guess about what might have gone wrong.

With websites it’s usually one of two things, DNS (the domain name) or the server/software. You can check the first yourself to see if your domain exists and has been registered correctly, the later is pretty much totally under NS control and depending on your hosting package may be completely invisible to you, let alone a third party.

A quick Google shows customer support ratings for NS are pretty bad. There’s about a zillion companies in this space, and it sounds like you’re probably in a good position to ask for your money back with NS at this point. I’d move on.
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Network Solutions is terrible. If you just need a basic website, try Squarespace or Wix.
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Response by poster: tiamat, what I've given you is what they've given me. That sounds like good advice.
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NetSol has always, always, always been a hot mess trainwreck of a host. I once had a client who had their site hosted by NetSol, and they were constantly having issues, including their site being blocked because NetSol found its way onto spam filter lists. And, they're far overpriced, to boot. Your best bet is to bag it and head to a new host.
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