Where is the "sweet bread" cycle on my bread machine?
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I recently purchased a Zojirushi Virtuoso Plus bread machine to replace my old machine. I wanted to make a recipe that called for using the Sweet Cycle, but the machine apparently doesn't have one. Does anyone know what I ought to use in it's place? The cycles it has are: White, Whole Wheat, European, Multigrain, Gluten Free, Salt Free, Sugar Free, Vegan, Rapid White, Rapid Whole Wheat, Dough, Sourdough Starter, Cake, Jam. Which of those would map most closely to Sweet Bread? (Also - what exactly is "European" used for?)
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Best answer: I have a cat on my lap so I can't verify this second, but I'm *almost* sure the recipe book for that model, which I also have, includes a cinnamon bread recipe and I bet you could use whatever cycle it recommends for that. If your machine was secondhand or otherwise didn't come with the recipe book, please let us know and I will go investigate once I am freed from feline tyranny.
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Response by poster: Stacey - I don't see the cinnamon bread recipe, but I do see Raisin Bread, Honey Bread and Chocolate Bread. I think they'd all be considered sweet breads and they all use the white bread setting. So, I'm going to go with that. Thanks!
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Best answer: The Zojirushi company recommends the cake setting on this page in response to a customer question:

Zojirushi America Corporation
on July 15, 2020 at 8:04 am said:
Hi Jeffrey, we believe the “Cake” setting would be similar. It’s the setting used to bake banana bread or pound cake. Please let us know if the cake setting doesn’t work!
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Best answer: From the product webpage, "European menu setting bakes light and savory breads that pair well with a variety of cuisines"
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The "Sweet Bread" recipe on page 14 of the Zojirushi cookbook, How to Enjoy Your Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker, is categorized as a recipe to be used with the "Regular Basic" setting, i.e., the same as white bread. (I just happened to be looking up the pamphlet because someone in my household has misplaced ours.)
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If it’s a yeast sweet bread then basic. If it’s not (like a pound cake) then cake. The cake setting has no rise time!
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