Fleece Slippers For A Big Kid
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Hi! My son is 14 and has worn these slippers from LLBean for many years. He's now outgrown the largest size and I am looking for a replacement.

He is a special needs child and has a lot of anxiety when things in his world change. I'm hoping I can find him slippers in an adult size that have the same type of soft leather bottom and the same fabric/fleece type of uppers. The drawstring feature is not important to him but the soft sole is very important. He has wide feet, and wears a US shoe size men's 7 but can also fit in my women's 9 shoes. I don't mind getting him a women's size as long as the pattern isn't too feminine - he would definitely reject something he sees as "girls shoes".

Price - around $50 but willing to consider all options. I've searched for "soft-soled fleece slippers" and haven't had any luck finding just the right thing. He wears his slippers all the time in the house and I wish like crazy we could just keep ordering the LLBean slippers in bigger sizes. I've asked them about it and they have a men's version but it has a hard rubber sole which is a deal breaker.

Anyone out there know of something similar? Thanks for any suggestions!
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Best answer: Perhaps Joules slippers? (this rabbit style might be more to his liking.)
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Best answer: How about these Snoozies? Or these?
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Best answer: Or maybe one of these options?
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Best answer: I ordered these for my 14yo, who also prefers soft, flexible, comfortable clothing. They are well below your price point. They have rubber rather than leather soles, but are flexible bottoms. If you want I can take a video of what it looks like and send it to you via PM, just let me know. My son loves them.
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Best answer: These slippers from Duluth Trading have rubberized soles but are extremely flexible. I'm wearing them right now and can crumple the soles up as if they're a very thick fabric. The women's colors are pretty unisex.
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Best answer: If you can't find what you want commercially, you might have luck on Etsy. I looked for "fleece slipper leather sole", filtered down to Mens' Shoes/Slippers, and found a bunch of options, like this one.

The results also included the term "mukluks", which might point you in a helpful direction. I googled around for "fleece mukluk socks" and found some things that might be in the right general direction.

I know how hard it can be to find exactly the right footwear, so I feel ya! I hope you find just the right thing soon.
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Best answer: I should add--one of the great things about Etsy is that if you find a seller who makes *almost but not quite* what you want, you can contact them and ask about making a custom item. So the shoes I linked in my first paragraph have a leather sole but wool uppers--it would be pretty simple to contact them and ask if they could make a version with fleece instead.
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Best answer: I also have slippers like the ones in little king trashmouth's link. They're made by Acorn. If you look at Acorn women's moccasin slippers you can see they have several variations on this basic idea. They also have men's moccasin slippers, but there are fewer options for men. The rubber on the soles is very flexible, just as little king trashmouth says, not at all what I would describe as a "hard rubber sole."
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Best answer: These will run you double or triple your budget (it's in CAD, but you'll need to pay for shipping) but Garneau's are just absolutely incredible and of superior quality.

Lots of styles both men's and women's (which don't tend towards frilly, but are a little narrower).
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Response by poster: Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to share your favorites! I ordered a pair of the Joules slippers but now have many options if those don't work out. You guys are the best. Thank you!!!!!
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