Overcooked rice
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What can I do with rice that came out of my rice cooker soggy? I probably put too much water in it. It is mostly white rice with some brown mixed in. I made fried rice with it but it was very mushy. What should I do with the rest? Can I roll it into balls and air fry it somehow? Any other suggestions welcome.
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Add some egg and make pancakes. I'd probably throw in some salt, pepper, garlic, and chopped onion.
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rice pudding
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Add more liquid and make congee! Rice porridge then add whatever you like a to complete the protein/veg requirements.
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Leftover rice is ideal for bibimbap
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Best answer: If it’s short or medium grain rice you can mix it with butter and Parmesan and make it into a pseudo-risotto, which you can bread and fry in balls or little cakes. Unsure about air frying, would probably need a lot more starch and some eggs for it to hold shape and who knows if it would get crispy.

For foolproof, porridge is the way to go. Super flexible, and just keep adding liquid and simmering until it’s the right consistency for you. I like Korean style juk with plenty of scallions and a drizzle of sesame oil with those little baby shrimp if I can find them.
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If you put it in the fridge without a lid overnight it will dry out considerably. I typically do this to make fried rice even if the rice isn't soggy in the first place.
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You can also put it in a mesh strainer if you have one to drain it a bit.
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And by “more liquid” for congee, we’re talking about another 7 or 8 cups.
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I made rice balls in the air fryer the other day.

I added some salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, chilli powder, Italian herbs (all to taste) and then rolled in panko bread crumbs with some Italian herbs. My rice was fairly sticky, so if yours is not sticky enough and it kind of watery maybe you'll need to mix in some breadcrumbs or starch to help it all stick together.
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Leave it out overnight, let it dehydrate and nature take its course. Then you can fry it etc.
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By saying 'leave it out overnight' I am hoping you mean in the fridge. For reference, there's a particular kind of bacteria that grows on cooked rice quite quickly and can cause a type of food poisoning.
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If you are a meat eater, I often include leftover cold cooked rice in meatloaf or meatballs. Anywhere you would otherwise use breadcrumbs in a mixture you can probably use cold cooked rice.

You can also try making arancini di riso, which are Sicilian rice balls, wonderful hors d'oeuvres for all the cocktail parties we aren't having. They are usually made with cold risotto, but if your rice is soft enough and starchy enough it might work. Simply, a small chunk of mozzarella with a rice ball formed around it the size of a small walnut, roll in egg wash and then bread crumbs and deep fry to melt the mozzarella and turn the breadcrumbs golden. I usually mix grated Parmesan into the rice for a nuttier and more seasoned flavor. Alternatively, you can form this into patties, prepare as above with egg wash and crumbs and fry in a skillet as a side dish.
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You could make calas for breakfast tomorrow.
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Definitely, you can add more water and turn it into porridge and look to east asian cuisine in particular for inspiration, or strain it (cheesecloth and similar is best) and make plain pressed rice cakes and you can look to southeast asian cuisine for ideas for eat with, eg dipping it into peanut sauce to eat with satay or straight into the soup like laksa or soto.
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Congee is probably the easiest... Just add a LOT more water and keep it simmering. You can choose to add a little more soup stock, but don't add ingredients otherwise. You can easily make congee of various types by adding some extra ingredients to the serving bowl, then serve hot congee on top of it.

Congee goes great with a variety of stuff. Thinner slices of ham, deli meat, chopped breakfast sausage, or even Spam (tm). Chinese preserved radishes (in tiny cubes or julienned), a tablespoon of chili (no beans), a tablespoon of tuna... feel free to experiment.
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You could also use it in chicken rice soup. If you have too much rice for a single batch of soup, divide it and toss the extra into the freezer.
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