Problem with Instagram
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I have a FB account, and decided to create an accompanying IG account. Initially, I had trouble connecting account A to FB. So, I created account B with a name I didn't like as much, but it seemed to work. FB also encouraged each account to be connected. I remember connecting the first one, but realized later the second needed to be connected to it too. After I logged into FB from the IG account B, it was.

But I have an Hootsuite account that keeps going to account A, which is the inactive account with no followers or posts. Account B is the one I want Hootsuite to go to. FB also showed account A as the business account. So I changed it to account B, thinking that had fixed the problem, but it didn't. How do I get Hootsuite to see account B? FB now correctly shows it as the business account. When I log into IG using account B's username and password, the correct account, "B" comes up. What can I do?
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