Freelancing through Fiverr?
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Do any of you have experience using Fiverr to get freelance gigs? I'm looking for some pretty basic gigs like light editing, writing, and so on. Trying to get the side-hustle going. I appreciate learning more about your experiences!
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From my knowledge the rates are pretty exploitative on that app specifically. Hopefully others here can suggest platforms or apps that pay fair for those types of services.
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I have not used Fiverr personally but have been scared off trying after experiences at other similar content farms. With most of them, you do so much work for so little pay that your hourly rate works out well below minimum wage. It's a grind. However, what it does get you are some credits for your portfolio. You can use these to try and find opportunities on LinkedIn, which I found was a much better way of connecting with small copywriting agencies that are looking for a pool of freelancers to call on. The rates will still be low, but better.

My best experience at any content farm was Greatcontent. They get 'drops' of content jobs fairly regularly, which can even be quite interesting, such as writing mini travel guides or fashion product descriptions. These are picked up by writers on a first-come first-serve basis. The more you write and the better you write, the more jobs are available for you to pick up, and the better the pay per job.
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